To remember our walks, we use this website as a logbook. But also to share our GPX tracks and photos with others. Years ago we chose Joomla to build our website. Whether that was a right or wrong decision doesn't matter. We now have 130+ walks that we can't just pour into another system. We used Frank Ingermann's Joomla plugin very happily. Unfortunately with the upgrade from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 and with PHP 8.0, this plugin no longer work. After a long search for a replacement, Gerrit found Jürgen Berkemeier's collection of Javascripts.

To be able to use this GPXviewer from within Joomla 4, Gerrit made a PHP wrapper. The result is a simple replacement for the no longer maintained GPXTrackmap plugin. Not all features created by Jürgen Berkemeier and Frank Ingermann are supported by Gerrit's Joomla plugin. But there will probably be other programmers who can build further on this basis. 

Features that will not be used on our website will not be built in if it takes too much freetime. Since version 1.0.8, the plugin uses templates. Seasoned html experts can remodel things the way they want.

A discussion forum about this will not be started on Any bugs or self-made adjustments please, report via a message to Gerrit (that weird sign) Thanks in advance!

GPXTM works satisfactorily on this website. We cannot guarantee that it will work flawlessly on your website!

The plugin works on PHP 8.2 and Joomla 5.0.2 and no longer requires the "Backwards Compatibility" plugin. However, don't just turn it off!!!

The GPX Viewer is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial - ShareAlike 4.0 International) (License Deed, License Agreement).
If you intend a use that goes beyond the granted license (e.g. use on commercial sites), please contact Jürgen Berkemeier.
The script accesses the Leaflet API or the Google Maps API. Its function therefore depends on the provision of these services.
The legal requirements of Leaflet and Google must be complied with.
Since it is also possible to show the GPX data on OSM maps, the license conditions of OSM must also be complied with.

Download link: Just Another GPX Track Map with GPX Viewer Version 6.19 with small adjustment!

Pain points:

The last Javascript variables used in one page, control the whole page. You can not have two maps on one page with one Currentlocationbutton=false; and another Currentlocationbutton=true; I do not use often two maps on one page.

If the operating system goes into 'sleep mode' or if the browser has no 'focus', timeout errors may occur when using the location sensor. 

To automatically show photos with GPS info on the map (see this link), my PHP script reads the EXIF info of the photos that belong to the GPX file and then makes a list in the HTML code. Unfortunately, Joomla adds a / to the file name of the JPG file without asking. To solve that problem I had to make a small adjustment in the Javascripts.


Below is the dashboard to control the plugin in Joomla.